"This is a very fine rum that gives us bartenders a world of possibilities. You can be as creative as you like in creating cocktails with this rum, as it showcases itself finely as a sipper or in a classic Mai Tai.


Bar Manager - Ritz-Carlton, Curbain Club

"Plantation covers a wide range of tastes. Especially in a Bar such as the Curtain club, we are looking to fascinate our guests on a daily basis, for example with the several cask finishings it proves to be the perfect treat for a demanding connoisseur."

Benoit Bail

Fondateur de la Confrérie du Rhum

"La marque Plantation est aujourd’hui un incontournable dans le monde du rhum. On a rarement vu un tel choix en gamme, surtout que celle-ci ne fait que grandir et là encore, sans compter les nombreux millésimes proposés par cette maison de prestige. On ne peut que saluer le professionnalisme et l’éternelle passion d’Alexandre et de son équipe, autant au niveau de la créativité concernant les blends et de toutes les finitions mis en avant par la marque, qu’au niveau pour du remarquable travail marketing et de distribution à travers le monde. Plantation représente exactement le résultat de ce que l’on attend des professionnels du secteur, c’est-à-dire, de nous faire voyager grâce à leur passion."


Bar Manager - Windows, Londres, Royaume-Unis

"In 2010, I had a chance to try the Cognac Ferrand product range for the first time. After the first sip I already knew that I would enjoy pouring those products for my customers, either neat or in cocktails. I love those products, not just for the taste but also for the passion which is behind them.


Bar Manager - Bob's Bar, Singapour

‘‘Here at Bob’s Bar, we pride ourselves on having among Singapore’s largest rum collections, and Plantation Rums from Cognac Ferrand has played a huge role in the development of our cocktail program and growth of our collection. The fact that a wide variety of Plantation Rums are made available gives us a chance to expand our repertoire and make even more variations on classics to suit guests’ cocktail needs, particularly with the Single Island varieties, whereby the different styles of rum from each individual island has its own unique character, giving depth and complexity to each cocktail we make it with.

Each one brings something different to the table, so for our drink, the Daiquiri Viajero, a Singaporean twist to the classic, employs Plantation Rum Trinidad 1999 Single Island Rum, whereby the finesse of a proper Trinidadian rum makes itself heard whilst blending harmoniously with fresh lime and sour plum, with the bak kwa as a bonus to bring the cocktail to an entirely new level."


Flavien Desoblin, proprietor of Brandy Library and Copper & Oak in NYC

“All Plantation rums brilliantly achieve the daunting task of linking the spirits to their places of origin! The styles are artfully respected through the delicate notes of their cask enhancement programs, and the prices are just perfect. It’s easy to fall in love with these and I can see why they’re getting so popular.


"After years of trials and tribulations, Cognac Ferrand has mastered the craft of making the most fabulous expressions of rum from all over the world. Not to mention the only white rum that anybody should ever need!"


Nada Bar - Cologne, Allemagne

"When I create a drink I make sure that I take good quality products. It makes me happy to introduce my guests to a product that has character, individuality and diversity. I love to mix with the products of Cognac Ferrand."


Président-fondateur du Club Rhums et Cigares de Saint Brévin-les-Pins (BRCC)

Juré depuis 2006 au Concours Général Agricole 2015 (dépendant du Salon de l’Agriculture) pour la dégustation des rhums français et l’attribution des médailles.

Président du Jury (nationale et international) du Rhum Fest depuis 2011


Jeff "Beachbum" Berry, restaurateur and award-winning author of six cocktail books

Plantation 3-Year:

"At the bar of Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29, my new restaurant in the French Quarter of New Orleans, we feature Plantation 3-Year on our curated list of twenty rums "of rare and forthright character" for its artfully balanced notes of green apple, cinnamon and vanilla."


Bar l'Aiglon - Singapour

"The strength of the Plantation Overproof rum helps compliment the lighter Barbados single island rum profile, allowing the flavour to stand up to the raspberry syrup that we use. I cannot think of a better overproof rum to use in this drink. ’


"For me, Cognac Ferrand is one of the companies with the highest quality level in the world. Plantation Rum is unique, the story is awesome and the notes are so different from countryside to countryside."


"A friend of mine once brought Plantation 3 stars Rum along, and I have been ordering it from my supplier ever since. Quality and taste are great, and therefore the rum made it into the portfolio.


"Cognac Ferrand products are not only fantastic to be enjoyed on their own, but all of them, thanks to their great mixability and versatility, work exceptionally well as a mixer; from simple mixes like a Harvard-style drink to more complex ones like multi-spirits- based drinks, these great works of craftsmanship can add their distinctive soul to the final result."


Owner Smuggler's  //  Cove San Francisco  //  smugglerscovesf.com

Plantation Royal Blend Smuggler's Cove Exclusive:

"This rum represents so much that is great about the centuries-old tradition of rum blending.  Starting with a classic base made of superb examples of distillates from the four largest traditional suppliers of rum to the UK and Royal Navy (Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, and Trinidad), Alexandre skillfully blends them into a unique and complex marriage of flavors and aromas. Following the traditional Plantation Rums practice of a further year of marriage in used cognac casks, Alexandre's idea to enhance this rum with the addition of time spent in a used AOC Maury cask reveals both Alexandre's deep understanding of his own blend and the artistic application of a secondary cask finish to accent the underlying spirit.  As with so many of Alexandre's creations, his skill and attention to detail yielded a unique and memorable product, one that I am proud to serve in my bar.  Working with him is always a pleasure, and his elegant approach to these most English of rums gives one hope that the French and British may one day come to tolerate each other.  But probably not."


Brand Ambassador Maison Ferrand

"I've devoted my life to enjoying rum in all it's myriad forms, but if I was forced - at the expense of so many of my favourite staples - I would choose Plantation 5 years old as my desert island spirit. A beautifully constructed rum, which in my opinion is pound for pound the best rum in the world. At Trailer Happiness it's the first bottle we grab for cocktails or just enjoying with damn good friends."


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Describes himself as a well-travelled, rum enthusiast (i.e. he’s drunk a lot of rum in a number of different countries), writer, presenter and consultant. Sharing rum-lifestyle related news and opinions on his website: TheFloatingRumShack.com and through an unhealthy amount of social media…Peter Holland is a member of the RumXP (rumxp.com).

One of the many exciting things about Plantation Rum is that there is genuinely something for everyone and you don’t have to spend top dollar in order to get top quality. Plantation 3 Stars represents one of those amazing rum that works so well in a variety of serves but, that doesn’t cost the earth meaning it’s within the reach of all. So much depth of flavour, complex and interesting to sip. The fact that the packaging looks amazing too is just a bonus – it could only have come from Ferrand.

Robert A. Burr

President - Quantum Leap Network

"Plantation rum expressions are unique in the world. Careful attention to sourcing the best rums from each unique region -- combined with the legacy experience of aging fine Cognacs and the mastery of barrel maturing and environment - leads to truly delightful and unique rum offerings. The limited edition and Single Cask bottles are especially desirable for serious collectors and rum enthusiasts the world over."

Along with his wife and son, Robert Burr travels the world to discover the best rums. They publish Rob's Rum Guide with tasting notes and information on more than 500 rum expressions. He is also author of the National Rum Examiner column. The Burrs host the annual Miami Rum Renaissance Festival and Trade Expo and organize the International Rum Expert Panel (RumXP) group of judges.


"I very much enjoy working with Plantation products for two reasons that are most relevant to me :

- Value for money : Brilliant !

- Many different taste varieties, which inspire one to come up with new creations, but also to enhance classics."


Refined Vices // International Rum Expert & Freelance Photographer

"Plantation Rum encompasses a vast range of rums from all over the Caribbean, Central and South America, capturing the style and character of their environment, for which it is famous.

I particularly like Plantation Rum Guyana, which evokes a sense of place remarkably well, delivering intense and astoundingly complex aromas and flavors redolent of fine Cognacs, making it the perfect example of a Demerara rum."