St. Lucia Plantation rum is above all a story about friendship between Laurie Barnard, late President of St. Lucia Distillers and Alexandre Gabriel, Cellar Master Plantation. In 2003 Laurie dared Alexandre Gabriel to create the best rum in the Plantation range. The result is a collaboration of hand and spirit between the two that we tempt you to discover. Distilled and partly aged in St. Lucia before being brought over to Chateau Bonbonnet in Charente where it receives further nurturing. Winner of many competitions, we invite you to discover the 2004 vintage.

Ste Lucia 2003 Rum Fest Paris Or

Ste Lucia 2003 Rum Fest Paris Or

Ste Lucia 2003 90 points, The Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2014, USA

Ste Lucia 2003 90 points, The Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2014, USA



Alc./Vol. : 43%
Origin : St Lucia
Raw material : Molasses
Fermentation : 4 to 5 days
Distillation : 2004, 100% Pot : John Dore & Vendome Alambic
Tropical ageing : 10 years in Bourbon cask, St Lucia
Continental ageing, elevage : 18 months in Pierre Ferrand cask, Château de Bonbonnet, France.


Big, gourmand nose with aromas of sugar cane and a hint of overripe banana with floral notes including geranium and peony. Full bodied, bitter sweet, caramel like, and slightly salty, molasses driven; with the mid-palate featuring a honey like quality that's fresh delicately sweet, slightly toasted.  Dry wood, cloves and candied orange.


The label refers to the two extrusions of Saint Lucia, a pair of Volcanic peaks. In the frieze one finds the flower of the gold lily “fleur de lys” symbolizing the French era on the island, and still present on the St. Lucia coat of arms.



Cigar recommendations from Jean-Marie Cornec
(Chairman of the jury of Rum Fest Awards, France, Chairman of several rum tasting and cigar clubs)

Pairing Country Cigar
Pairing Similarity (soft) Dominican Republic El Credito – Série ‘R’ – N° 6
Pairing Opposites (strong) Cuba Bolivar – Royal Coronas – Robusto
Nicaragua Padron – Sélection 1964 Anniversary – Exclusivo
Pairing Complementary Cuba Partagas – Salomones – Figurado