— Plantation single casks —


Born from merging origins and a double aging process in cognac casks plus an “original” finish, these sophisticated rums are distinguished by their complexity and rare aromatic richness. Wonderful illustrations of the values passion, perfectionism, and hedonism that Maison Ferrand holds to high esteem. By definition, these “juices” of exception (nectars?) are rare in quantity, like a classic and mysterious great perfume. Selected by exclusive sample from worldwide distributors and therefore not available everywhere.

Single casks of the year 2015 are :

Plantation GUATEMALA XO Finish Icewine
Plantation BELIZE 2004 Finish Porto
Plantation REUNION PUR JUS 12 ans Finish Madeira
Plantation REUNION TRAD 12 ans Finish Madeira
Plantation TRINIDAD 1997/2001/2003
Finish Muscat
Plantation GUYANA 1990 Finish Pineau des Charentes
Plantation PANAMA 8 ANS Finish Sauternes
Plantation HAITI XO Finish Tokaji
Plantation MULTI ISLAND Finish Banyuls
Plantation FIDGI Finish Porto
Plantation JAMAICA Finish Marsala
Plantation TRINIDAD Finish Porto
Plantation JAMAICA/ GUYANA Finish Arrand