— Plantation single casks —



Plantation Single Cask rums are limited releases of double-aged Haute Couture rums. All Plantation rums mature in a two-stage ageing process, beginning in the tropics where they age in bourbon casks, and then at the Château de Bonbonnet in France to mature in Ferrand barrels. Plantation Single Cask rums then benefit from further maturation in carefully selected beer, wine or spirit casks, each selected to enhance the rum's unique characteristics. Every Single Cask rum takes its own ageing path to greatness, and each bottle is personalized and numbered. Only a few barrels of these unique reserve rums are bottled annually, making them a prize for collectors.


Plantation Cellar Master Alexandre Gabriel identifies each rum-producing country by the specific traditions and production techniques of its terroir – the unique environmental characteristics that give each rum its distinctive character. He chooses the best casks from each distillery, celebrating the qualities that make each terroir special.

Single casks of the year 2018 are :

Plantation BARBADOS 7 YO Finish Mackmyra Whisky Reserve
Plantation BARBADOS 2007 Finish Borderies Cognac
Plantation BARBADOS XO Finish Banyuls
Plantation GUATEMALA XO Finish Red Pineau des Charentes
Plantation GUYANA 1998 Finish Ocho Tequila
Plantation HAITI 2010 Finish Ferrand Cognac 10 Générations
Plantation JAMAICA XO Finish Teeling Whiskey
Plantation MULTI ISLAND XO Finish Côteaux du Layon
Plantation PANAMA 12 YO Finish Arran Whisky
Plantation PANAMA 2006 Finish Stauning Whisky
Plantation TRINIDAD 2009 Finish White Pineau des Charentes
Plantation PERU Multi Vintage Finish Willett Rye Whiskey

Single casks of the year 2017 are :

Plantation BARBADOS 16 YO Finish Mackmyra Whisky
Plantation BARBADOS XO Finish Mackmyra Whisky
Plantation BELIZE XO Finish Sélection des Anges Cognac
Plantation HAITI XO Finish Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao
Plantation MULTI ISLAND XO Finish Peaty Arran Whisky
Plantation PANAMA 8 YO Finish Cabreuva
Plantation PERU 13 YO Finish Amburana
Plantation REUNION 12 YO Finish Rye Whiskey
Plantation REUNION 13 YO Finish Calvados XO
Plantation TRINIDAD 15 YO Finish Red Pineau