Distilled in a column then aged for nine years in Bourbon casks, this rum epitomises the mastering of superb nurturing. Dressed in blond mahogany, the rum first expresses violet flower notes, then reveals sumptuous red fruits, before the release of warm aromas of vanilla and cinnamon. Round and smooth, its long finish offers flavors of blond tobacco and wood.

  Panama 2000 : Gold Medal, Rum XPCompetition 2012, USA

Panama 2000 : Gold Medal, Rum XPCompetition 2012, USA

  Panama 2002 : Gold Medal, Rum Master 2013, UK

Panama 2002 : Gold Medal, Rum Master 2013, UK



Alc./Vol. : 42%
Origin : Panama
Raw material : Molasses
Fermentation : 3 days
Distillation : 2004, column
Tropical ageing : 9 years in Bourbon cask, Panama
Continental ageing, elevage : 2 years in Pierre Ferrand cask, Château de Bonbonnet, France.


The nose opens with floral notes such as violet developing deeper fruit notes including red berries, plum brandy and exotic fruits with a finishing touch of vanilla and cinnamon. The first palate reveals light exotic fruit notes giving way to raisin, butterscotch with a touch of cinnamon and exotic wood. This is a delicate rum with a medium texture and medium to long finish.


The label highlights Panama Viejo and its Cathedral, the remaining old city of the country’s capital. In the frieze, Panama’s coat of arms is referenced behind a cornucopia, symbol of abundance.



Cigar recommendations from Jean-Marie Cornec
(Chairman of the jury of Rum Fest Awards, France, Chairman of several rum tasting and cigar clubs)

Pairing Country Cigar
Pairing Similarity (soft) Cuba Quai d’Orsay – CoronasClaro
Dominican Republic Pléiades – Gypsy spirit – Spécial Corona
Pairing Opposites (strong)) Nicaragua Tatuaje – Gran Coronu – Grand robusto
Cuba Cohiba – Maduro 5 – Genios – Grand Robusto
Pairing Complementary Nicaragua Oliva – Série ‘V’ – Torpedo