Plantation Overproof is bottled with an alcohol content of 73%, perfect for creating exotic cocktails and tiki drinks. Accompanied by an intense fruity and aromatic richness, its dark color and high concentration of aromas are the result of aging in Bourbon casks. Martin Cate, of Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco, recognized as one of six barmen “essential to the cocktail culture..” confirms that “Plantation Overproof is a superb example of a smoky rum; smooth, very aromatic but with a bit less material that Trinidad does so well. The alcohol truly waltzes with a wide range of cocktails.”


"First inhalations are not attacked by the stratospheric alcohol degree, but rather are engaged by supple, off-dry scents of brown sugar and gentle spices, clove nutmeg, maces; further time in the glace allows for the spices to develop, especially the nutmeg, but now also cinnamon and vanilla bean are evident. Entry is moderate in abv intensity and this lets the honey, caramel and grain tastes to emerge; mid-palate offers heat, but all the while the honey and spice aspects remain true and steady. Concludes extended, rich, fiery, nutty, fresh and spicy."
Paul Pacult ★★★★ Highly Recommended


Alc./Vol. : 73%
Origin : Trinidad and Jamaïca
Raw material : Molasses
Fermentation : 72 hours Trinidad. 2 weeks for the small quantity of bonificateur
Distillation : Column and pot for the small quantity of Bonificateur
Tropical and continental ageing : Special process: 3 years old Trinidad blended with our Plantation proprietory Bonificateur. Bonificateur is very old (+/15 to 20 Years) pot still high esters and petites eaux aged rum refined with Ferrand technic.