All the beauty and finesse of Central America is revealed in this fresh blend of rums from Guatemala and Belize.

The nose reveals vanilla, pear, green apple and coconut, as well as highly floral notes.

Subtle woody notes round out the sensual flavor. A fresh sipping rum, also perfect in old fashion.


Nose : Rich nose with beautiful sherry notes and a touch of roast spices.

Palate : Rich and well structured, developing fine notes of old port, finishing on persistent aromas of virginia tobacco, liquorice and lovely oaky notes.


  • Alc./Vol. : 42%

  • Origin : Guatemala and Belize

  • Raw material : Molasses

  • Fermentation : 3 to 4 days

  • Distillation :

    Guatemala : Four Column Still

    Belize : Twin Column

  • Tropical ageing :

    Guatemala : 3 years in Bourbon casks

    Belize : 4-6 years in Bourbon casks

  • Continental ageing : approximately 1 year in Ferrand casks

  • Volatile Substances : 190 g/hL AA

  • Dosage : 16 g/L

  • Cane sugar caramel E150a (% vol) : between 0% and 0.1%

    Solely to adjust – if needed – the color between different batches.

    Color may initially vary according to the type, the age and the size of the ageing casks