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Great spirits reflect the art of the hand that nurtures them. It is the cellar master who works diligently every day in the depths of the dark cellar perfecting each barrel. His role is often underestimated due to his confidentiality, ensuring that knowledge is passed down from cellar master to cellar master in the greatest secrecy. The result is an exceptional spirit creating an unforgettable emotion we invite you to enjoy.

Sometimes we find a rum barrel in our cellar that is simply perfect in its natural state. Striving not for balance or harmony, it stands alone for its uniqueness of taste which can only be described as “extreme”. This cask is then set aside and bottled for its sheer exquisite essence, resulting in a very limited edition of what we call Plantation Extrême.

Available in limited quantities, Plantation Extrêmes change every year. In 2018, we offer two new jewels, distilled in 1996 at the Long Pond Distillery : Long Pond ITP 1996 and Long Pond HTC 1996.