Dive deeper into the world of Plantation rums.

No need to travel far to discover and taste the best rums in the world. Plantation Rum invites you on a voyage through its range of exceptional rums. 

We are happy to introduce the Plantation brand: its values, heritage, characteristics and its “grands crus” ... The Plantation brand proudly includes a range of seven vintages and seven blended rums produced by the Cellar Master of the House of Ferrand.

A wide collection of exceptional rums await you from each region of the Caribbean (Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, St. Lucia, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize), exemplifying the true meaning of “premium rum".

In addition to provenance, discover the specifics and recognition our rums achieve through double-aging. This aging technique is unique in the world, which brings even more elegance, finesse and smoothness to the rum, allowing a discovery of unique flavors and unforgettable taste.

Finally, the Plantation site invites you to discover the history of rum, including different styles and how each has developed, as well as  advice and tips on how to best enjoy an exceptional rum.